Artist Statement:

I watch my boys hone their motor skills using scissors to cut paper shapes. Then they glue and tape it down to create their own masterpieces--pure love of creation. Using paper, glue and tape, I have returned to that simpler time. I chop and bond animation, design, illustration, painting and sculpture to create work that pulls from my heritage, experience and pop culture.

I piece together moments in time that overlap to evoke thoughts, feelings, and nostalgia. Ideas and imagery pop off the wall with a visual language full of animated hues, crafty textures and quirky graphics.  Layering color and textures, I create dimension and volume that extrudes dynamic imagery and excites thought. Created by layering paper, my work opens up a world that reciprocates to the viewer allowing me to share my vision.

Paper Chop Shop

In November of 2013 Tim Saguinsin first started chopping up paper. A month later he purchased a paper cutting machine and Paper Chop Shop was born. Initially creating custom artwork for friends, family and a brief stint on Etsy, Tim has moved towards creating his own ART through paper illustrations and paper toys with the hope selling through his online store (coming soon) and participating in shows and exhibitions.

The Head Chopper

Raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Tim D. Saguinsin spent much of his childhood creating with paper, pencil, paint, wood, etc. He continued his artistic endeavors attending high school at the Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts and later attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, MD where he received his BFA in General Fine Arts in 1995 focusing on painting and sculpture.

After graduating, Tim traveled overseas to London, England where he transformed his talents of painting and sculpture to animation and graphics to create educational CD-ROMs. He first started with New Media Projects as an animator and illustrator creating the graphics for 5 multimedia projects. Later while still in London, Tim co-founded re-Animate Educational Software and continued to create the graphics and animation for over thirty award winning educational products for the UK and international market.

After 5 years working overseas, he returned to America in 2001, where his talents were quickly picked up by K12, Inc.  Tim left K12 for a short period to be the Art Director for AARP Services in 2005 where he helped usher in the new AARP brand. He later returned to K12, Inc in 2006 where he continues to educate through graphics and animation.


In 2006, Tim founded Ricecooker Studios to help cultivate his artistic endeavors. Over the years, Ricecooker Studios has created animation for of the Black Eyed Peas, published an online comic BARRIORS, produced Minny Facts, produced the first episode of Bytesize Bayani: Jose Rizal to teach Filipino history and had his first animated short “The Fisherman” play on HBO On Demand for Asian American History Month.

In addition to working full time as a designer/animator, Tim's latest endeavor is Paper Chop Shop where he continues to evolve and experiment as the Head Chopper. He currently lives on the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina with his creative wife, two boys and dog, Mocha.

Want more? You can find me Ricecooker Studios and my Portfolio site.